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Default Re: Repairing Alesis M1 Active mk2 Monitor Speakers

I eventually gave up chasing around the board trying to find the problem. Switch mode power supplies are beyond my understanding so I just made a conventional transformer/rectifier/capacitor supply and squeezed it onto the chassis without too much trouble. Works fine now.

My parts list, if your interested from
FF01549 **1 **9.25 ***50VA TOROIDAL 2X25V; Power Rating:50VA; **MCTA050/25 *********
FF01546 **1 **9.56 ***50VA TOROIDAL 2X12V; Power Rating:50VA; **MCTA050/12*******************
CA04837 **4 **8.28 ***CAPACITOR, 4700UF 63V; Capacitance:4700 *LPR63V478M26X40****************
SC09281 **2 **2.08 ***BRIDGE RECTIFIER, 6A, 100V; Bridge Recti *GBU6B-E3/45

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