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Default Re: Repairing Alesis M1 Active mk2 Monitor Speakers

You did well, have you got any ideas for my board? My 470 ohm resistor was good but R15 (.22ohms!) exploded so I replaced that using a wire wound res, is that okay? I also replaced 4 x 1n4007 diodes, 2x irf840, 1 x 330uF, 1 x 1uF, 2 x 390uF and the UC3842 ic and most of the smaller transistors. Last test it came on but only for about 20 seconds before blowing all the 1n4007 diodes again and the fuse. The heatsink was hot. Before powering on, I compared resistances with the other good board and couldn't find any anomalies. Please tell me what I'm missing and where should I be looking.
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