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Default Re: Supermicro P6DGU Retro Build

Originally Posted by lti View Post
It was a better case than that Corsair case I modded because everything lined up and the threaded holes weren't full of paint. It's really sad that those are what make a case from 1997 better.
Yeah, new cases are more about the paint job and lights than anything else. Even really expensive heavy ones seem to have silly features and use the cheapest of the cheapest Molex/SATA connectors for any built-in fan controllers they may come with.

On that note, this is why I like the older Antec cases - they're made of thick steel and rarely painted on the inside. Just quality heavy cases like those back in the days. Not a fan that a lot of them came with front panel doors, though - I always thought that was a useless feature (at least for me.)

Originally Posted by lti View Post
It came with one of those CD-ROM drives with the gear-driven tray, but it was dead (and not the original drive - it was a 48x Samdung).
Yup, mine had the gear-driven tray too. I still have a few other drives like that around. Seems like these are always the most reliable ones. At least my Teac CD-540E are.

I know it's a CD-ROM drive, but I would still actually have tried to fix that Samsung drive of yours.

Originally Posted by lti View Post
I've never had a "nice" computer, even once they were retro.
Me neither, if I am to be judged by other people. But I am quite happy with what I had nevertheless and can't say I didn't use the living ghosts out of every machine I had. This Dell OptiPlex 170L that I have here as a main rig (2.8 GHz P4 HT, 1.25 GB RAM, onboard everything) has been pretty damn reliable. And that's after serving who knows how many years in an office. What started as a "homeworks" computer for my college dorm turned into a main PC instantly. Even my classmates in college liked working on it, despite being quite outdated even back then.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
This case does have a weird 'mini PSU', but the sleeve it's in is a standard ATX PSU cutout, so I can use any PSU in this.
The one in my Gateway 1000 had a normal-size AT PSU. Made by PowerTronic, IIRC. Looked well-built on the inside.

**EDIT** I found two pictures of that Gateway PC. My memory was wrong, it's actually model number P5-100. But anyways, here they are:
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Gateway P5-100 (1) reszd.jpg (94.0 KB, 5 views)
File Type: jpg Gateway P5-100 (2) reszd.jpg (98.6 KB, 6 views)

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