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Default Re: Supermicro P6DGU Retro Build

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
940/AM2 is when AMD quality started going down a bit, in terms of mobos. But most socket 939 motherboards are absolutely solid, minus some of them having crap caps, of course.
Socket 940 (barely) came before Socket 939... Socket 939 is the consumer (single CPU) version of socket 940. Generally Socket 940 was for Opterons and 939 was for Athon64/Sempron. There are a few Athlon64 FX's that were made in socket 940, but that was the only exception.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Add in quirky chipsets and other strange things....that's always been a weird waterloo of AMD stuff....there was always a 'sweet spot' to find when building an AMD system. While I never had one for my main system, I've built a lot of them for clients who wouldn't have anything else.....and when you want to sell a computer, the customer is always right, right?
Even socket 940 had issues... the AMD AGP to Hypertransport chip has no good driver support. That said, the Nvidia Nforce Professional series seems pretty solid.

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
I will do with these like my stepdad does with his gas & oil can & sign collection....there's a tag on the back with a full description and a minimum if they end up sold for scrap, shame on them.....
Damn, so much for sniping out the idiots Up next on American Pickers...

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