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Default Re: Supermicro P6DGU Retro Build

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Oh that Made in USA sticker
lol time for u to get that datavac. u should really get it. it has a made in usa sticker similar to that too!
Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
was like $700... No way a poor slob like me could afford that back then.
aye same. similar to momaka, i drooled over those thousand dollar cpus back in the day. i remember surfing for fx-57 reviews and prices and wishing i could afford that. also did the same for the qx9650.

now, i managed to get a san diego athlon 64 4000+ that overclocks to fx-57 speeds and more for US$30 back in 2011. also got the qx9650 for around US$150 back in 2011. so i managed to get thousand dollar hardware back in the day for a steal now lol!
Originally Posted by momaka View Post
I remember drooling over the Athlon 64 FX-60 CPU, which back then killed everything Intel could put out. And of course, one of those SLI boards that could do dual 7900 GTX cards. Technically, I wasn't exactly broke and could also ask my parents to help me with the funds for such a rig... but it just didn't feel right.
IMO that kind of hardware would fall in the 5000 dollar dream pc category and frankly, it aint right asking your parents to splurge that much of their hard earned money unless u wanted to be and were a spoiled brat...

now, earning your own 5000 bucks and then spending it on good stuff like that, now that would feel so much better on money well spent!
Originally Posted by momaka View Post
slow-even-for-its-time Radeon 9200SE (spoiled edition) video card.
lol. yea there were many joke names for what exactly ati meant with the se suffix on the low-end line. slow edition, shitty edition were among some of the other joke names. like u, i also got a 9800se to unlock to a pro. not a slow or shitty edition video card now! but it was still spoilt lol! it had defective pipelines thats why it was binned down as an se with only 4 pipelines as opposed to 8...
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