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Default Re: Clarification of values?

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
I don't recommend going with those audio-grade caps on the high-speed switching sections (i.e. the inverter) of those amps. Just get regular low-ESR 'lytics. Only the small caps that carry signal you can go with Nichicon FG, KA, and KW's. (Not that you will see a difference in performance, but why not when some of these are priced close to regular GP caps).:
Even with the "High End" caps, I'm finding it kind of hard to get close to the RC values of the originals. That is unless I step into the 50/100V ranges. Little buggers have some juice flowing through them LoL. There are twelve 16V/100uF (RC of 211 mArms) per 80.4 and seven in the 1200, which totals 43. This is going to get expensive quick!! LoL Oh well, I figure do it now and get another 15+ years out of them.
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