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Default Re: ASUS now makes boards for Intel?

Originally Posted by Behemot View Post
Had couple IntEl boards in my hands lately, all of them had those reversed polarity marking crap for caps. So A(u)S(h)US makes boards for them now or what?
Yeah, I noticed that as well maybe a year or two ago as well. But since the boards came out of OEM PCs, I assumed they were made by ASUS and I completely ignored the memo that some of them actually said "Intel" on them. I happened to realize that when browsing yesterday on eBay and found this:

As I always inspect eBay boards for badcaps, spotting the "backwards"-installed was one of the first things I noticed.

Originally Posted by jiroy View Post
There was an announcement from Intel that it will stop manufacturing boards since some years .
Ah, another mobo maker removed from the equation - how boring!
So what do we have now? Only ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte? I could swear that some recent MSI and Gigabyte motherboards look almost like exact copies of each other, so maybe we are down to two manufacturers only? If so, that's sad times then. :\

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
I've seen a few of those as well. After 15 years of recapping, you learn to check any/all boards before starting a job....I've done full recaps a few times before realizing I had them all installed backward...
Lol that must have been a major RAGE-meme moment when you realized that.

I had to do lots of ASUS motherboards when I started recapping, so naturally I got used to seeing the "backwards" cap placement quite often - in fact so much that sometimes I had to check the cap orientation on my non-ASUS boards, as I almost did one backwards, thanks to ASUS ... *almost* So far, though, I have never powered up a board with caps installed backwards by mistake - if there was one, I always caught it on time.

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