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Default Re: DFI-ITOX G4S600-B with Chemicon KZGs - compatible caps?

Originally Posted by jesscat606 View Post
1500uf 8x20mm marked 5(7) 7S- 10
1500uf 10x20mm marked 6(7) 6G - 4
1500uf ~10x12mm marked 6(k) 8E - 2
470uf ~5x11mm marked 5(k) 6c - 3
470uf ~5x11mm marked 5(k) 6V - 3
I think you meant those 4 caps were 16V, not 6.3V. So for the 16V 1500uF caps, here are the choices:
this, this, or this. (Nichicon HM/HN)

If you want to experiment with polymer, this, or this should work, maybe even overkill.

For the 10 6.3V 1500uF capacitors:
this, this, this, this, or this.

this, this, or this.

For the 2 short 1500uF caps:
this, or this.

this, this, this, or this.
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