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Default Re: DFI-ITOX G4S600-B with Chemicon KZGs - compatible caps?

Originally Posted by mockingbird View Post
You should use HM/HN/HZ. You mentioned you were looking at Digikey. They may or may not have what you need in an electrolytic cap. You might try doing a polymer re-cap.

Since this machine seems to be from 2006, it's robably worthwhile to have a look inside the PSU to check if the caps in there are OK. That way, you can order both the motherboard and PSU caps together and save on shipping.
Yeah, this is an old machine. as I had noted above, I had already replaced the PSU with a new one a number of months ago...wasn't looking for cap problems at the time, so didn't notice them.

Several people have mentioned going with polymer caps. I dunno much about them - would something like this work?

EDIT: Oh, wait, that's SMD - not the right mounting style.

Digikey doesn't seem to have the HM/HN/HZ caps, you're right.

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