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Default Re: DFI P5VB3+ dead with bad caps and more...

I tried unplugging and replugging AGP videocard but no. Nothing.

So, I have more clues ...

About 2:
I'm pretty sure it's my fault. I've bought and put a K6-2+ (note the "plus" after 2) not a K6-2 (without "plus"). This CPU is normally supported by my mobo and my BIOS (I have 12/30/1998 > 11/3/1998 I need). Information found here:
But in fact, it doesn't work. I forget to say the CPU is recognized as "Unknown-S CPU at 336MHz" at POST. Normally it should work like that (with this wrong POST and perhaps something to do after to activate internal L2 cache) but it seems not. Others had the same problem back in 2002 or 2004 (Google search)...

So, either
a) I flash the BIOS with a 2000 release new BIOS ... but it is a risky solution with this CPU onboard and nothing prove I can boot from a floppy as my CD-ROM is not recognized either.
b) I use a well recognized CPU on that mobo. That's a higher price but safer solution.

The reason why I bought this K6-2+ is I never think my repair should work ... So, I chose this really cheap CPU (more S&H than CPU itself) in case nothing works... and think it could POST anyway ... It did but hang a little...

I'm now certainly sure there is no other hardware failure on the mobo. Well repaired !
Will see...

PS: Oh also ... I should try my old AT PSU (instead of new ATX PSU) again: the one which cause the crash and after visual inspection seems clean inside... I could check voltages again and in case things goes wrong had to recap again the motherboard... It's not a problem either ...

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