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Default Re: Ratdude's Main Rig V_._

I talked with brethin, all he wants is something with PCI-X.

Here's what I propose (I'd PM it but I no longer have the power multi-recipient PM's):

-Topcat, all I want is the board, nothing else, to include the coolers and mount brackets, which my X5DAE needs (two cracked, which I had to destroy in order to POST test the board). I'd be willing to buy/trade the bare board (or the full board, which I'd pull said parts from.
-brethin, I'd (if you'd pay shipping or at least half of it or something) send you the X5DAE and you'd combine it with his coolers and brackets (and if necessary I'd toss in 3GB of RAM, 6x 512mb ECC).

This way, I get the board I need, Brethin gets the PCI-X he needs, and topcat... gets some tradebait/$ which he maybe needs?

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