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Default Re: Ratdude's Main Rig V_._

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
I'll sit on it for a little while until you figure it out. the x5dae wouldn't really do me any good. I'm going to pull it out of the case probably this weekend.
Yeah, It's an upgrade on one hand... on the other I don't have any "decent" PCIe GPU's floating around (minus a dead 8800GTS that needs re-reflowed in the best case)... either way, come to think of it, V2.5 is half screwed as neither AGP option gives it SATA w/o using an adapter (which I have). I may half-gut 2.5 and save the chassis for a more conventional ATX board for a future build and move some of the parts elsewhere... but then I have 8GB of useless PC2100 ECC RAM, unless I do something with the X5DAE, which would require emptying a EATX case, which would be self defeating (as that would preclude building up this new rig).

What sucks even more is I have a couple of Higher-end consumer P4 Northwood HT rigs that would be great homes for the two high-performance AGP cards I have... but non-ECC DDR isn't cheap and all I have in any decent size/quantity is 5 buttloads of ECC (to think I practically gave such RAM away long ago, ).

Decisions, decisions, decisions... Grr... Now you see why I'm split? Trading the new board leaves me with an empty case, not leaves me with a dead kickass rig sitting on the shelf. Either way I get one good rig and one pointless case. Sort of a no-win. And before somebody says "why do you need 3 main rigs, wasn't two too many?", I have an answer, and she's wearing a nice ring I gave her in June (I gotta give her something nice once we're under the same roof ).

Dumb questions: are your Paxville CPUs already in a rig? Or are they sitting out? Also, are you looking for anything else you'd consider tradebait?

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