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Default Ratdude's Main Rig V4.1

Made a score:

Looks like a good home for some extra RAM I had sitting.

Now, here's the question, which will be the better platform, this, or V3.5:

-Supermicro EATX case (not as nice as this one? Comparable in the worst case)
-600W Seasonic PSU
-Tyan Thunder-K8WE (SCSI version, unused)
-3ware 9500S-4LP w/BBU
-4x WD raptor 10k 74GB
-8gb DDR
-2x Opteron X2 Italy 2.6GHz
-SLI'd twin Geforce 8600GTS

I think the above is better as the graphics are by default better (the new system has a single x16 slot and a 4x slot, and SLI was nforce-only at the time anyway).

Still, not a bad score? Good replacement for the remains of V2.5 that died (although if Topcat still wants to give away the X5DAL-G he has sitting, I'll take it! )

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