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9. [ Finishing the Job - Cleaning the board ]

9.1 clean the board : When you have finshed you will need to clean the flux from around the solder joints and also the flux splatters which may be around the board. You will need to use a FLUX-OFF spray. I am using one from Cramolin which is called FLUX-OFF and is dimethoxymethane. This will damage plastics and PVC so you will spray a little around the solder joints and manipulate the excess using a cotton bud or Q-tip (normally used for cleaning your ears) so it does not flow down a hole like from the pci slots or whatever to the other side of the board. Then you can rub the excess flux around the joints using the bud. After doing all the joints and checking for ones i have missed i leave the board with a halogen desk lamp (or other hot desk lamp) about a foot from it for 10mins to ensure that all the FLUX-OFF has evaporated. It is highly inflammable so no smoking. The reason you do this cleaning is because some fluxes are mildly corrosive.

If you used solder with no clean flux then you can skip this step.

if you compare the earlier photos you see the brown flux around the solder joints. it looks like the board is burnt but it is not. after cleaning it looks like this.

9.2 Visually check the board : for little pieces of solder or bits of the leads you have clipped that have stuck to the board and may make a short. I also blast the board on both sides with some canned air for the same reasons. Check the solder pads on the back of the board for the caps that you installed to see that they are not connected by solder to a nearby component and will make a short. It is not good to have a short when you power up the board.

a finished recapping job
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