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Default Re: LCD 19" BENQ T905 problems

Ok, my mobile is working again.

Took photos of 'problematic' bits:

Photo number. Description
1. Those are the transistors that were originally blown.Theyre blow again (the left arrow actually indicates the trans,not the cap :p)

2.The bottomside of those transistors.Those 2 yellow points,are bridged (they have continuity and the polimeter beeps with the diode/continuity beep setting).
Im not sure if they should be bridged... One is a pin of the 'K' cap of the 1st pic and the other one is a SMD named "JR10"

3.Those are another bridged point.The cap pin is bridged with a drop of tin that it was already on the board.I think its ok

4.I tried to compare those bridged with the image posted here, but im not sure, so I marked them

5.Two new blown transistors.I dont know if they were blow before, but theyre now.They have a heatsink and theyre glued to it.
Also, theyre special and are larger with a hole for a screw. Its one piece, I mean its not a transistor glued to another one. Wonder if I will be able to buy that type of transistor...Also, I dont know they ID, but I guess the guy in the shop will know.

6.Those are the things I have to resolder right? Are they marked correctly? What are those two things marked as '?' ? Should I resolder them also?

7.Finally, this is the bit I said it was burnt.but the transistor under it its fine.
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