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Default Re: Netgear switch dropping large packets.

The only time I have seen this is due to hardware error/failure. Most newer switches in the last 5 to 8 years have one asic controlling as many as 8 to 16 ports. If the asic is wonky, all ports will exhibit some sort of problem.

You could try flashing with the latest firmware or reflashing if you already have the latest firmware in hopes of fixing it?

Or you can look at the asic controlling the ethernet ports and check for bad/cold/dry solder joints?

Originally Posted by Colt45ws
The loss was on any port with different cables. All had full duplex and always has been as far as I know. I didnt try forcing half duplex.
It wasnt just max size packets, that just gave the most loss, so 1492 MTU wouldn't of helped much.
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