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Originally Posted by budm View Post
Well the Gate better show open, the resistance be between GATE and Source pin or Drain pin should show Open, if it shows resistance then it is bad.
MOSFET typical failure mode is shorted.
Info about MOSFET:
'Gate construction: AGTE is physically insulated from the channel by an oxide layer. Voltages applied to the gate control the conductivity of the channel as a result of the electric field induced capacitively across the insulating dielectric layer.'
thanks so much bud, Its been YEARS since I went to school for this crap, i don't remember much of it.. but yes, gate was open, but with tons of resistance, and it was open S-G and shorted D-G so both were trashed.. just scares the hell out of me to use this scooter ever again, figured it would fail in a shut off situation, not go full throttle until it dies... I guess I could make some waterproof mag deadman switch on the handle like a treadmill..
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