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Default Re: How to Recondition (Reform) Electrolytic Capacitors and Why

A leaky cap (as in, capacitor with a high leakage current… not one that is physically leaking electrolyte) will usually trick your ESR meter to show lower ESR than what the capacitor may have. So if the cap has gone high ESR, your meter may not show it and you might end up putting a faulty cap back in service. To avoid this, check the capacitance of the cap. If it is higher than 20% of its specified capacitance, it is likely leaky and it is time to reform it.
Can i clarify this point?
So say the capacitor has 1000uf printed on it.
Does that mean that it is likely leaky, and would require reforming if its measured capacitance is over 1200uf?
What about capacitors that measure lower then their specified capacitance?
Will reforming be of any help to these?
Can capacitors loose their capacitance over time, in storage?
i got some 1500uf 16v MBZ Rubycons, that i believe are old stock, but they all measure around 1400uf
Their ESR is in the ballpark of 10 - 20 mOhms
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