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Default Re: Looking for a good substitute

Originally Posted by c_hegge
The yellow ones are actually polys. The reason for replacing them is because if they are different, you will be putting more load on some caps than others, so replacing them all is a good way of evenly distributing the load.
Originally Posted by ratdude747 View Post
I still would leave the VRM alone. fujitsu polys and panny lytics are fine. i left mine alone (the lytics were rubies on my board), and it has been 100% stable running 24/7 for about 6 months.
I'm with Ratdude on this one. Leave the yellow Fujitsu caps, and if the VRM has Panasonic caps, you can leave those alone as well. The Rubycon MCZ, however, should be changed.

Now that you mentioned this, I remember that the only pattern I saw in those DC5000 and D530 computers is that the ones that had Panasonic caps in the VRM did not have a single Panasonic cap fail. On the other had, the Rubycon MCZs had quite a few failures in the VRM. Sometimes I'd see failed Rubycon MCZ in VRM and near the memory slots, but the Teapo and Ost next to them were fine. I'm not dissing on Rubycon quality or anything like that, but rather I want to point out again that the only caps that had a 100% survival rate among the electrolytics were the Panasonic caps. Everything else was hit-and-miss. Too bad VRM was the only place with Panasonic caps.

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