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Default Re: Dell Optiplex SX280 Weird problem!!!!

Originally Posted by Blaze589 View Post
This may be late but I had the same problem with a near dieing PSU. My system would boot up and the indicator light would blink nonstop endlessly until I pressed the reset button and do a power off by holding the power switch. When it eventually died (burning smell coming from the PSU) I bought a Corsair PSU and I never had that problem again. Get a power meter first just to make sure as I didn't know it was the PSU until I had no choice but to replace it.
Got something similar here on GX270 -

Events before final symptoms (final symptoms described below the 3 points I open with here):

1) W/O a HD attached the GX270 _was_ able to boot to DOS. Did this several times okay ... even actuated the CD ROM drive tray.

2) Hooked up a 300GB Maxtor, connected AC line, pushed power button and - nada. From this point forward the new symptoms start.

3) Now even with the HD disconnected the GX270 only flashes the power button when I try to power it up ...

Let me fully explain the new symptom.

The LED on the MoBo proper sometimes pulsates when I simply plug-in the AC line ... sometimes this pulsating builds to a head, the PSU fan also seems pulsed during this time, until it reaches a point where the LED is full on, (like normal), the fan runs briefly (like it should when just applying AC) and then it shuts down (kinda like it should) ...

After this pulsating stuff - and finally achieving the standby state (I would guess), if I press the power button the power button comes on and flashes very rapidly, almost strobe speed ... but the GX270 does not power up ...

Repeatedly pressing the power button does nothing, the button just sits there and very rapidly flashing ... it takes pulling the AC line cord to 'shut it down' and stop the power button from rapidly blinking/flashing.

I've read a couple of the threads dating back to 2005 or so, and am of the mind that all this could be caused by bad/drying electrolytic caps since a variety of symptoms appear with the bad caps ... the GX270 MoBo has mostly Rubicon caps, but, they are now getting onto 6 or 7 (maybe 8) years old.

All caps on MoBo look good, none showing bulging ... but, age can still be the factor at work here.

Have not opened up the PSU yet ... thinking maybe something got stressed there when I tried to power up the 300 GB Maxtor (which was bought new a couple years back but has never been used until yesterday - I removed it from the sealed plastic bag it was in after taking it from the box which was still closed up and unopened).

This GX270 has spent a 2 years sitting in my closet and prior to that it was disposed of surplus from work (2 years ago) - and no idea of it's state when gotten rid of from work.

Like to get this old workhorse working; it looks like the caps are the weak link in the 'chain' on today's PCs, reading through the various threads here on

- Jim
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