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Default Re: How To Stop CRT Flicker

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
The 20" trinitron can do 2048x1536 @60 (and the 19" shadowmask can even do [email protected]) so technically it has higher resolution than my LCDs, alas it's not enough of a benefit for me to prefer it over LCDs.
*sigh* Here we go again, falling into discussion about resolutions, as if it's the late 2000's and "HD" video all over again.

The high resolution of CRTs (even compared to early LCDs) was never their stronghold. It's the deep black colors (in a dark room, of course) and higher refresh rate without input lag and pixel lag that made them better for video editing and gaming (i.e. any kind of moving image.) Some will even claim CRTs were better for photo editing, but I'm a bit split on that one, because all CRTs tend to have a bit of tinting after they age for a while (which may or may not be easily corrected), and this is most visible on a grayscale palletes.

When it comes to doing office work / viewing of static images, I too would take an LCD. They take less space, always visible in dark or light rooms, and run cooler / use less energy.

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