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Default Re: Can someone recommend a preheater for large boards (up to ATX size)

Yeah I see what you mean. Obviously the socket has a maximum temperature it can withstand. On my BGA machine it has IR peheater plus upper and lower hot air - so really it is just like using a hot air gun to solder the replacememt socket

Obviously that has profiles to ensure the new socket doesn't melt. But if you program a profile wrong then you *will* melt the socket and/or burn the board. I've done it once myself using that machine to replace an LGA. And I've trashed a few BGA chips too

My current thinking is, if you can get the board warm enough using a preheater below it, and in a fairly even fashion - then the fact your hot air station is not heating the socket evenly while resoldering is less relevant as you don't need to apply much more heat to 'push it over the edge' and liquify the solder balls. But this is all conjecture of course at the moment
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