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Default Re: Can someone recommend a preheater for large boards (up to ATX size)

Thanks megaraider - well it seems it has 5 out of 5 star rating so it may not be junk

I accept an ATX motherboard is a bit larger than 260x240 but that does seem to a reasonably big heater size

I was trying to put together some YT videos which determine how to do difficult things such as change a LGA socket using the minimum possible cost of equipment so that this sort of repair is accessible to more hobbyist repairers

Yeah I can put it on my €3500 BGA station but that isn't the point of what I was trying to do, I wanted to prove if it is possible with for example a Quick 861DW, or similar, and a preheater - say 200-300 euros worth in total, as that is much more in the range of availabliity for a lot of people who may have the skills but not the finance.

In the two attempts I made so far
This one I published if you watch you will see it was not successful

And the other video I didn't upload yet (Asrock H97M), it appears to confirm that the problem does not seem to be getting enough heat into the job, it appears to be more to do with the distribution of heat. The one I didn't upload, I again managed to remove the LGA without ripping any 'connected' pads, but the upper surface of the PCB was uneven again, and I managed to burn tracks off the bottom of the PCB trying to resolder a new LGA even using two thermocouples to monitor things

I honestly don't know if what I am trying to achieve is actually do-able, though I suspect it probably is, but for sure it makes for some interesting experiments
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