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Default Re: On-Premise Secure Data Storage Solution vs 3rd Party Secure Data Storage Solution

So reliability is definitely a con for third-party hosting. Also, internet goes down, we don't have access to the data, unless we're storing a local copy as well.

That's the biggest thing that's been stopping me from signing up with one of those on-line companies. They're online, and like you said in the other thread, if it's important, it shouldn't be online. I want to create a seperate network for an internal LAN that isn't accessible from the net and I don't think that'd be too hard to do. Just gotta lock down the firewall and play with some settings. I've been real sick for a while but the docs figured it out recently and gonna start me on some antiviral that should help me get back to work.

We occasionally run into issues with the various Microsoft online services. The biggest so far was us missing an Urgent message in the message center (because there's just a LOT of messages there!) saying they were removing a certain configuration setup we used and anyone using it had to move to another. That broke things for a bit. I really wish I had a copy of the Windows Server, Exchange, Active-Directory, etc, so we were in control of changes like that but that gets pricey when you got a few cores. I sent them feedback on their messaging center and suggested they implement a future that allowed clients to have certain messages (or all) sent to them via email and they said they're implementing it, so hopefully we don't miss anything important like that again.

What do you guys use for accessible backup? The main data will probably be stored in a virtual machine running probably CentOS. I'd probably create a VM just for the internal webserver, so it doesn't have to be too large. I could probably back up the entire VM, but I'm thinking maybe it'd be best to backup the individual databases, copies of the PDFs, etc, and the VM. I could easily store them on another machine, like one of the workstations or the backup server, but I'd like to have some sort of physical copies as well.
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