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Default Deer DR-250ATX

Next we have a 2001 “vintage” – another North American Deer. This one came with a computer case.
As usual, the outside first (note: the holes on the top and back of the casing are not original – I made those after I recapped it):

And the label:
It looks like they fixed the typo with the 5VSB wattage rating. Yet again another 250W PSU. Next, a shot of the guts.
This one doesn’t seem too bad at all. Decent heatsinks (for 250W), 1x X cap, 2x Y caps, a proper primary input choke, 35 –sized main transformer, 600V –rated wires on the primary, 0.14A Powerlogic fan, dual pole ON-OFF switch. Even the fuse is in a fuse holder.
Primary side:
KBL405 bridge rectifier good for 4 Amps, 2x 200V 470uF JEE primary caps, properly –sized 5VSB transformer, and again standard transistors in a TO-220 package.
Bottom Side:
Soldering is decent and looks shiny. Some of the components did have slightly longer leads, though. And again we have some discoloration – mostly due to the load resistors on the secondary, although the resistors providing power to the PWM IC also seem to have been running a bit hot.
Secondary side:
Before you jump out of your chair - no, those Chemicon KY caps are not original to the PSU. In fact, all of the pics shown here are after I modified the PSU (except the underside pic). PWM controller is a proprietary DR-0183 chip.
3.3V rail: 2x 2200uF 10V SC (or is it CS) caps (before and after PI coil), not sure about rectifier (might have been 10A schottky), 10 Ohm 2W dummy load resistor.
5V rail: 2x 2200uF 10V SC caps (before and after PI coil), 20A schottky rectifier, forgot what load resistor.
12V rail: 1x 2200uF 16V Jun Fu WG, 6A 200V FR rectifier, 100 Ohm 2W dummy load resistor.
-5V and -12V rails: 1x each 470uF 16V Rulycon caps, 1x each PI coils, 2x each 1.5A or 2A FR diode rectifiers
5VSB: 2x bulged 1000uF 10V Rulycon caps (before and after PI coil), 3A FR diode rectifier, 1(?) KOhm dummy load resistor.

3.3V rail: changed load resistor with 100 Ohm 2W (from 12V rail). Caps still need to be changed.
5V rail: changed caps to 2x 2200uF 10V United Chemicon KY and load resistor to 150 Ohm ˝ W.
12V rail: changed load resistor to 2x 1 KOhm ˝ W in parallel
-5V and -12V rails: put 1x 1000uF 10V CapXon KM (reused) on -5V rail, and 1x 470uF 16V CapXon KM (reused) on -12V rail.
5VSB: 2x 1000uF 6.3uF United Chemicon KY caps

Also changed a lot of small caps with Panasonic FC, including the critical cap (22uF 50V Rulycon) and the primary transistor driving caps (10uF 50V). As a result, PSU runs great now in the Pentium 3 PC that’s in my grandmother’s house. 5VSB reads 5.00V exactly (5.01V when system is running), 5V rail reads 5.04 to 5.11V depending on CPU load, 3.3V rail reads 3.32 to 3.34V depending on CPU load, 12V rail reads 12.09 to 12.26V depending on CPU load, -5V rail reads -5.11V steady, -12V rail reads -11.7 to -11.9V depending on load. All voltages are rock stable when the system is not transitioning between load and no load. Overall a decent PSU. The wires are still only 20 AWG, though and again no P4 connector (so the 6A rectifier on the 12V shouldn’t worry you that much).
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