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Default Re: The hard drive failure thread

Originally Posted by ChaosLegionnaire View Post
well my wd caviar black 2tb kicked the bucket today. was trying to test a video card i bought on ebay so i booted up the system and while installing the video driver, the system was extremely sluggish copying and installing the files. i thought the sata cable was focking with me again and producing lots of ultra dma crc errors so i fired up crystal disk info to check. the cable was fine. instead i saw "caution" and it had one pending sector in smart, so it looks like the drive is failing.
I find that UDMA CRC errors often have to do either with bad cable or bad contacts between PCB and head amp / actuator. So definitely remove the PCB on the drive and check its head amp contacts for corrosion.

Originally Posted by R_J View Post
This may not be the problem but I have seen a lot of drives where the contacts between the board and the drive become tarnished and may be causing issues, cleaning them with an erasser my help.
Mainly older and some newer Western Digital's had/have that problem (as always, I'm not in-line with the latest tech out there, so can't speak about current HDDs from them).
I now not only clean the contact pads with eraser, but also apply leaded solder over them.

Originally Posted by Curious.George View Post
"Only back up the data that you care about..."

My backup archive is not that big and quite messy. I really should do this in a more organized fashion... but I don't care enough, I suppose. I just know that I have my most important stuff backed up fairly well (at least 1 off-line copy somewhere.), which is mostly my music, pictures, some OS ISOs, and some software and drivers that are hard to find. Everything else (game ISOs, movies, and sentimental/fun junk)... if I have backed up, it's because I probably had a convenient option at the time. If I didn't, then it's probably not backed up.

And if it all gets lost.... well F--- it, nothing lives forever, right.

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