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Exclamation Re: Dell P2210f no power

Originally Posted by hano009 View Post
Im having the same exact problem, did you find a solution for this problem?
Did you try checking the easiest components to diagnose? Check the fuses, thermistor and diodes first. Discharge the big main capacitor first before checking! Use the continuity test on the multimeter to diagnose these components. You can use the same continuity test to quick check the capacitors for ability to charge (again, discharge the capacitors first before using this test).

Attach the IP (inverter and power supply) board to the mains power. Check for any voltages on the secondary side (one of them should be +5V while the other should be +12V or greater), then check the voltage across the big main capacitor on the primary side (should measure anywhere from +168V to +350V depending on your mains voltage).

Warning! Please put the board on a piece of insulator (e.g. cardboard, thick plastic, etc) and avoid the direct contact with the primary section while the board is connected to the mains power. Just becareful!
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