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Default Re: Issue with Westinghouse 19" LCD Monitor (large pics)

Hello =)
I've read this post post by gfgray

In my case monitor Acer AL1916W.
Power-Invertor is DAC-19M005 BF Rev. 01A.
No backlight and display is black. But Power button is working (lights with green or orange).
Capacitors C204, CE103 were bulbed. And F200 was open.

For now i've change all these parts.
MOSFETS Q206, Q205 (there wasn't 40T03GP and i've set CEP50N06)
Capacitors C204, CE101, CE109 (220mF, 25V)
Capacitors CE103, CE104 (1000mF, 25V).

SMT F200 (4A).

But still no success.
All the times i try to launch monitor - Fuse F200 just opens.
I suspect that somewhere something is shorted.

I tried to short F200 with solder. But Q206 becomes very very hot when i try to turn on the monitor.

Could you please advise? What else i have to look up? =)

Thanks a lot in advance for all.
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