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Default Re: Samsung 215tw display cuts out

Originally Posted by freelander
The Samsung 215TW shares the same Samsung LTM210M2 panel as Gateway FPD2185W and HP F2105 monitors that I have worked on. Based on your problem description, you almost definitely have one or more dead bulbs in your panel. I'm not sure if this model has the -01 or the -02 variation but the only difference is the connector style. Do you have three individual connectors for each bulb bank? I had a troublesome monitor like this that didn't have any obvious signs of blackening etc but when I individually tested the bulbs, one was indeed dead and causing the shutdown. Upon disassembly, I discovered that the reason I couldn't see any obvious issues is because the solder joint on the bulb failed within the rubber sleeve on the end. Quite unusual failure mode but it happened to me with this panel.

By the way, I have never been able to see an image with a functioning power board and dead bulbs with this panel. I'm not sure if there is some kind of film but just an observation.

I didn't notice if you said that you took the known-to-be-working panel and tried it in the recently repaired monitor. Confirm that your repair is good and you know that you have isolated it.
Sorry I posted this mesage to the wrong thread last night!!!!!!!!!!!!
Freelander, you are correct, exactly as you said, one of the solder joints at the end of one of the CCFL tubes had failed, presumably leading to arcing. Images are attached.

For those who have never seen the guts of a panel here goes:

Image 1: Essentially a metal tray with a sheet of white glossy plastic in the bottom. The angled pieces (wires attached) lying to the side each carry 3 CCFL tubes. These angled pieces slot in top and bottom in the tray creating a wall of light

Image 2: One of the two angle pieces which carry the CCFLs

Image 3: A 3/8 inch slab of clear plastic which sits in the main panel tray. On top of this sit 3 layers of plastic sheet (not shown). I guess they are polarizers, diffusers, or the like.

Image 4: The failed CCFL return wiring

Image 5: A bank of 3 CCFL tubes with wiring

Image: 6 Closeup of CCFL ends with charring. White end piece is rubber and broken up somewhat with the charring.

All the pieces are quite robust but I had to get my 17 year old daughter with her small hands to disassemble to CCFLs from the angle pieces. Have to go get some wire fine enough to rewire the CCFLs tomorrow, together with a can of compressed air and a microfiber cloth, the poor man's answer to a clean room.

This is all very interesting but probably an uneconomic exercise. Plus the big question is whether I can put this thing back together in an acceptable state of cleanliness such that I get a usable monitor.
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