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Default Re: Power supply build quality pictorial

Originally Posted by cods69
Hey japlytic.

I have had a Topfield TFPVR5000t since March04. (The Toppy is the best toy EVER, IMHO)
What is your opinion of the PSU and the caps on it, and the caps on the main board for that matter?
I notice alot of them are "Sam Young", while the big one is a "Sam Wha".

I open it up regularly for HD removal/quick-transfer (I've got a WD250 in it) and do a quick visual inspection of the caps each time, just for safe measure.
I had mine since early 2005. Topfield must have later gone onto the cheaper Samxon capacitors for the mainboard, compared to your earlier one. The components in the power supply were quite decently sized, and has been fine for over a year, despite running a little hot.

Here are some pictures from a Meiji Power unit in my computer:

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