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Default Re: Syncmaster 215TW Color problems

We have seen before that when bad capacitors occur on a Samsung, they can corrupt the EEPROM due to unstable power.

Originally Posted by The Internet
3-5 Hidden Key list
1. Hidden Service Function -. After setting brightness and contrast '0' push
the "Enter" button more than 5 seconds.
-. Service Function appear.
2. Factory Reset -. While Menu is opened(any menu), press "enter" key
over 5 seconds.
-. Screen is flashing, then all menus return to the
factory default.
3. Auto calibration To Analog video, In 16gray or any pattern using black and
white and any mode.(16gray and XGA mode recommend)
1. Push the OSD Menu button to open the OSD.
2. Select language English.
3. Push enter button during 5 seconds.
4. Screen is flashed and auto calibration is completed.
4. OSD lock -. Press the menu key over 5 seconds, then OSD is locked .
-. To unlocked the OSD, press the memu key over
5 seconds.
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