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Default Re: Samsung SyncMaster 226BW

Originally Posted by Bolus View Post
This is what I could find about the caps:

Nippon KMF Mini, High Freq. Use, Low Z, 330uF-25V-KMF
Nippon SXE Mini, High Freq. Use, Low Z, 1000uF-25V-SXE
Nippon KMF Mini, High Freq. Use, Low Z, 47uF-50V-KMF

I don't know if this helps.

Could I try to start the monitor with less ccfls connected? Maybe this could help determine if there is a wiring problem?
I am unimpressed with the specs on the replacement caps. I prefer Panasonic FM; Panasonic FC are regarded as marginally low ESR. The KMF and SXE have an impedance roughly 4 times greater than equivalent FC caps, and a ripple current rating 1/4 less.

Still, I'm not sure that is the cause of the problem. Did the symptoms change after replacing the caps?

There is a test you can do that involves disconnecting the CCFLs. It may or may not produce results.

With power off, disconnect all but one CCFL. Turn on the monitor and the backlights should come on briefly. Repeat for the remaining CCFLs. If one CCFL fails to light, it is defective. If all CCFLs fail to light, they are driven in pairs, and the upper pair must be tested together, and the lower pair tested together.

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