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Default Re: Philips LCD 42PFL5432D/37 no picture, no sound.

Originally Posted by RCleve View Post
Can someone with experience ordering compatible replacement capacitors in this model, please advise.
1) You want to replace ALL the electrolytic caps on the board especially if they are poor reliability brands like Capxon. The exception would be the largest filter cap which rarely, but not never, fails.

Capacitors (C designation on the PCB board) die from age, heat, and shoddy build quality. Capacitors DO NOT have to be visibly bloated in order to bad. They can be out of tolerance uF (a 1000uF measures 20uF) and/or have high ESR (ohm). A multimeter will be insufficient to test for ESR. For that you need an ESR tester which costs between $50 and $300.

Most members here will recommend that you replace ALL capacitors with reputable brands from reputable sellers. Brands like Rubycon, Panasonic, Nichicon, and United Chemicon are suggested. A list of recommended caps can be found at

2) Assuming those are Capxon GF series, you want to replace the caps with the following critera:

a) uF - same uF
b) V - same voltage
c) ripple - same or more ripple
d) ESR - same or lower ESR
e) size - you want to make sure the cap fits diameter and height wise

3) The Capxon GF datasheet is at

Look for 1500uF 35V. Assuming the original is 13x35mm, then the ripple is 3350 ma and ESR is 18 mOhm.

4) Now compare that to Panasonic FR series at

Caxpon GF, 1500uF 35V, 13x35mm, ripple = 3350 ma, ESR = 18 mOhm
Panasonic FR, 1500uF 35V, 12.5x30mm, ripple = 3630 ma, ESR = 13 mOhm

5) You can see Panasonic FR is a good match compared to Capxon GF as it has the same or more ripple and the same or lower ESR.

6) Now repeat for all the other caps. You can quickly search in digikey by specifying this in the search field

1500uf 35v fr

7) If "FR" is not in stock or available in those parameters, try FM, then FC (in that order).

Just for fun, here is Panasonic FM

Caxpon GF, 1500uF 35V, 13x35mm, ripple = 3350 ma, ESR = 18 mOhm
Panasonic FM, 1500uF 35V, 12.5x35mm, ripple = 3750 ma, ESR = 12 mOhm
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