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Default Re: Hard crashes.

I think it's important to teach people how to find good replacements vs just telling them what to get so here goes.

Yageo is Teapo's parent company.
Yageo SC are the same as Teapo SC.
Data sheet here:

Only one 10v 1500uF in the sheet and it's 0.039 ESR and 1450 Ripple.
[That ESR claim is probably a slight lie... 0.042-0.045 sounds more realistic.]

Choose caps rated for: the same [or more] ripple -and- the same [or less] ESR .
[And of course that physically fit.]
... And you should be fine.

The FM will work [in fact they are over-kill].
ESR 0.018 and Ripple 2470.

KZE are a little less over-kill at ESR 0.022 and Ripple 2150

Those are the only two at digikey that 'keep up' with that bogus ESR number,,, which you should do just in case they aren't lying.

You should replace ALL the Yageo of 470uF or more and of 6.3mm or larger diameter.
If some bloated the rest probably aren't far behind.


As to the ticking...
Your drive controller might be screwing up because the bad caps are giving it noisy unclean power.

See if disconnecting both data and power to the optical drive[s] changes anything.

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