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eccerr0r 01-09-2019 02:26 AM

Storing Li-ion cells...

I had a good Li-ion spare cell that I kept in the refrigerator for safekeeping. It was charged to about 50% before storage and AFAIK it does not have protection - the phone handles the battery gauge.

A few years later I decide to inspect the cold storage Li-ion cells I have. This cell shorted while in the refrigerator... the only one of the 10-15 I have in cold storage! And this particular cell I was hoping to preserve (among a few, there are a bunch there that I didn't care for if they died but kept there anyway.)

The battery developed a fairly horrendous current leak and won't hold charge anymore (I tried charging at 4 amperes, it holds voltage for a little while but I could see the voltage going down on a 19999 count DMM). I just find it odd, as it didn't have a protection circuit, how did it die, it held charge just fine when I put it in cold storage.

Keeping spares is probably not a good idea as Li-ion is perishable, but if I just so happen to have a spare, it's the best I could do to keep it as good as possible...but what else could be done to prevent this -- or is it just inevitable?

sam_sam_sam 01-09-2019 05:15 AM

Re: Storing Li-ion cells...
Age is not your friend with these types of batteries I have found that if you leave at 75% charge

this work better than the 50% charge that I have seen recommended and it depends on what brand of battery they are to how long they last

China made do not fair very well in this type of storage

If you do not check the status of the charge level regardless of who makes battery this could be failure of this type of battery

I have some Panasonic batteries that came in a factory box that are at least four years old and I just use some and the battery capitative is almost as what they were new

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