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The Hall of Shame - Badcaps Photo Montage

This is a sticky topic.
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    The Hall of Shame - Badcaps Photo Montage

    The next stage of this forum is to consolidate the data provided by posters. Here I will collect crops of the photographs provided to show pics of each manufacturers badcaps. Each photograph is credited to the poster, if you dont like your photo being used please post and i will remove it immediately.






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    Last edited by willawake; 08-30-2005, 01:11 AM.
    capacitor lab yachtmati techmati

    Some random pics. Feel free to delete this post once you're done with it... <== the two big ones are IQ, the smaller ones Choyo

    Unfortunately, I wasn't trying to capture brand names when I took the photos, so they're not too visible on some of them...



      thanks i appreciate that, i am gonna try again tomorrow. It is more difficult than I thought because some posters dont make it clear which caps are which and I want to be careful.

      i want to try to get as much as i can from the whole forum because i saw we already lost some great Fuhjyyu pics from last year. the poster deleted the pics and didnt hang around. i want to preserve the data.

      yeah the brand names are not always visible, its not going to work that way anyway from what i have seen.
      capacitor lab yachtmati techmati


        Unfortunately, I only started taking photos when I found this forum... never thought before that they'd be useful.

        I have more photos of those boards; feel free to ask if you want me to dig one up of something specific. And I haven't gotten around to throwing out any of the caps from these photos, so I can take close-ups of them on a white background if anyone wants.

        And as soon as I fix my desoldering station, I'll work on recapping my other 694d, which should yield some _good_ pics of Chhsi caps (ranging from tiny caps to big 2700uf ones), so you might want to hold off making the chhsi image until I take them if you don't have any others...



          thanks it is all a work in progress, so anytime you come up with something new i will modify and update.

          i think i will have probs with some of the more obscure manufacturers.

          if you see anything visibly venting/leaking/severely bulging i would like a photo with the brand showing. olympus is the only way for those macros. as i update you will see the brands with no coverage.

          the way i see it is to get it all on the net, whatever I am doing that is maybe useful for somebody. thats why i started my site. i take photos everytime i am doing an install or something. you should continue to take photos cos you write it up great.
          capacitor lab yachtmati techmati


            Anyone have a capacitance meter? Some brands (i.e. Teapo) tend to fail with no physical signs... best way to document them would be a photo of the capacitor's rating next to a photo of the meter reading far lower than it should...



              great idea but that limits to TC and KC8.....hello guys
              capacitor lab yachtmati techmati


                Heres a pic of a bulging (though I dont know how obvious it is in the pic) Jun-Fu and Rulycon capacitor from a dreaded Deer power supply.


                  thanks a lot, an excellent rare pic . i have gotta get to work on this section soon.

                  Heh, you have an oly uzi, i have a 5050z. I thought that pic was looking olympus sharp. damn fine cameras. i have only ever owned olympus. Bushytails of these forums has one also.

                  Why dont you do a full post in "Other devices with bad capacitors" cos i will crop that pic for here.
                  capacitor lab yachtmati techmati


                    i can send more pics.
                    btw the rulycon pics on the carpet are mine :-)
                    i think i have more rubycon fake pics too.
                    they are easy to find.just look in a powmax least they live up to the name.
                    another crap psu is a power.
                    a tech at the store had 6 of them on the bench that were doa.
                    mtbf if they work from new is 2 weeks.


                      btw the rulycon pics on the carpet are mine
                      oops. i will fix that.

                      a guy on dslreports forums was highly recommending powmax to a noob

                      send some pics but it would be great also if you did a thread on spotting fake rubycon in the faq section.
                      capacitor lab yachtmati techmati


                        Here's a new brand I've never seen before........ This motherboard is out of an emachines model T1840 P4 system. The caps are branded "TMS".

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                          you get an ATX connector instead of a AGP. I never understood that philosophy cos they could be selling their customers several graphics card upgrades over time. Those TMS caps look a bit like nichicon imitators
                          capacitor lab yachtmati techmati


                            emachines are throwaway expect them to be easyly upgradable :?


                              TMS ... acronym for "Total Monkey Sh!t"

                              Ya'll think us folk from the country's real funny-like, dontcha?

                              The opinions expressed above do not represent those of BADCAPS.NET or any of their affiliates.


                                Re: The Hall of Shame - Badcaps Photo Montage

                                This is a Jamicon
                                Attached Files


                                  Re: The Hall of Shame - Badcaps Photo Montage

                                  Isn't that the result of a failure instead of the cause? I've seen "unrolled" caps where the metal cover came totally off in failed PSUs - the voltage goes too high and the cap explodes.


                                    Re: The Hall of Shame - Badcaps Photo Montage

                                    Isn't that the result of a failure instead of the cause?
                                    {Shrug} The same could be said for any cap. PSU runs fine after a replacement cap was installed.


                                      Re: The Hall of Shame - Badcaps Photo Montage


                                      G-Luxon caps on a Matsonic Ms8308EP

                                      Got 9 bulged and 4 leaky before she decided to not POST.



                                        Re: The Hall of Shame - Badcaps Photo Montage

                                        My gateway has TMS.