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Default VGA Connector Missing Pin

So I can across a missing pin on my VGA connector any one have this problem or can help fix this problems ect.

I would love to fix it, but other then getting new cable I think I am in trouble because I can't find were it broke off.

It shows 15 pins and I have 14 the monitor works fine other then it cutting out horizontally and then going to standby mode until I jiggle the plug a bit and then sometimes it comes back on.

How should I go and fix this, Can I solder a wire to the plug or should I cut the plug off and replace it or should I get a new cable and plug.

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Default Re: VGA Connector Missing Pin

if the cable is modular, just replace it... get it online, has execellent quality cables cheap:

if it is not modular, replace the plug... good luck...

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Default Re: VGA Connector Missing Pin

At one time, Pin 9 is missing (some connectors have this hole plugged).
Pin 9 is used for DDC (display data channel) +5V (if this is correct), although the monitor can provide +5V internally for the DDC.
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Default Re: VGA Connector Missing Pin

Not all pins are required - in fact some monitors only use about 6 of those.

Your problem is either in the VGA cable (bent too much and a wire in it is loose) or the metalic "tubes" inside the vga connector in which the pins come in to make contact are stretched. Or it could also be a poor connection on the PCB for that pin due to bad soldering for example.

Borrow a VGA cable first or go with your VGA cable to a friend to test it with another vga connector.

If the cable is ok, the connector is the problem... and since it's kinda hard to work inside it... so you could just replace it completely.

These may work but you have to check their datasheet and compare with your current connector to make sure the pins of the new vga conn. will go into the pcb holes:

With this one, you can solder wires to each pin and then onto the board so you don't care about the pin layout on the pcb or whatever:
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Default Re: VGA Connector Missing Pin

I do have a different computer to test my monitor plug on.

I think that the plug was made cheaper by not having all the pins. I have read the 4 pins are not even used on some VGA plugs.

I am thinking of Posting a new thread on how to troubleshoot screen squeeze horizontally as this is the base problem and the reason for all my technical post.

Thanks for resolving the issue with the VGA plug.
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